Welcome, hereโ€™s a bit more about me.ย 

I work at Nudge, as founder & CEO, I focus on product & marketing. We are rebuilding the measurement stack for the internet. Can connect with me on LinkedIn.

I invest via the Shipping Company, with the express purpose of to learn, have fun (and make money!). I sit on the boards of Parrot Analytics and Rugby New York

I blog (and have blogged) here for 10+ years, wrote a book, tweet @bwagy (same on Threads). Voracious reader (please send me book recs). Love to travel and spend my time between Europe, New York & New Zealand. Husband and father of two girls, focus on health & wellbeing. Wish I was a better surfer & snowboarder.

Each week I write a note out to folks in the media/content space. You should check it out, its good.

Constantly tinkering.